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Re: Info sought on VW/Audi Car rag

On Nov 17,  3:29pm, Wm Stott Hare wrote:
> Subject: Info sought on VW/Audi Car rag
> >
> Greetings,
>   A while back there was a thread on subscriptions to the VW/Audi Car rag
> from England.  I was curious if anyone knew of anyplace stateside to get
> a subscription.  Specifically, places such as Eric Waiter Assoc. which
> deal largely with foreign and hard to get publications.  If anyone has the
> phone number for EWA that would also be appreciated. I've misplaced it
> recently.  Thanks for the help.
> -Stott
>-- End of excerpt from Wm Stott Hare

I have purchased the magazine locally and have seen a subscription address in
it. If you'd like, I can look it up and send it to you. Let me know.

-- Rob

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