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Re: Info sought on VW/Audi Car rag

On Nov 18,  2:02am, Wm Stott Hare wrote:
> Subject: Re: Info sought on VW/Audi Car rag
> Rob,
>   Thanks, that would be great.  Send me any info you might
> have concerning stateside subscriptions.  I have a friend
> who is looking for a subscription.  He's not to keen on paying
> for a subscription straight from Endland.  Sorry about how this
> message may look.  Usin Elm off of a friends termninal and don't have
> a backspace/sdelete available. And the ooh's don't seem to be showing
> up on his screen.  Hope tyou can make sense of this mess.  Thanks again.
> -Stott
> oght
> habve
>-- End of excerpt from Wm Stott Hare

Sure, I'll look it up this weekend. Unfortunately, I think to only info I have
is about a subscription direct from VW/A Car. I'll send it anyway. Might be the
only choice.

-- Rob

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