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Electronic Warfare!

>BTW, it's perfectly possible to make an *active* jammer, and it's been
>done, but to do it right and cover all the bands would be quite

As a one time Signals intercept radio engineer (that was a previous lifetime),
I often thought that if you were going to go to the trouble of serious
warfare you might be better off looking for the police radios.  I'd imagine that
with some decent equipment you could find the local oscillator emissions from
even the quality motorola radios most police use. You'd need a quality computer
controlled vhf/uhf radio, some automated analysis gear, and a laptop. If you
wanted to
 get really goofy, it would be possible to include a database of the
frequencies that each police department uses (presuming this info is available).
Then, your $50,000 receiver system could tell you that there was a police
car in 
the vicinity and which police force it belonged to!

Well, back to real world.....

Jason Douglas