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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

>>is it
>>possible/practical/desirable to replace the hydraulic brake booster with
>>a pneumatic (vacuum) one?

>>Watch out for vacuum ( lack of it ) problems in the turbo versions,
>>since the manifold can be positively pressurized a lot during
>>spirited driving. 

Good point. With positive pressure you'd get  power opposed braking!

>Does your 5000 have the mechanical vacuum pump that the 4000q uses? 
>(Driven by the cam)
>It seem like that would supply proper vacuum regardless of manifold pressure.

My '86 5000S doesn't have a vacuum pump (unless I've really overlooked
It seems that about the only things that run on vacuum are the climate
control motors
and (I think) the vacuum advance.  Seems like the vacuum idea ought to work
out pretty well. 

The idea reminds me of some conversions I've heard of in VWs, like folks not
bothering to fix the power steering in their Vanagon but, instead, replacing
their steering rack with a completely manual one! (oof.  The vanagon weighs
in at around 3500 pounds with nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution.  How
about them biceps?).

In a related vein, would anyone care to propose a good procedure for a
maintenance flush and fill of the hydraulic system?(i.e., which hose to pull
off, how much fluid they used)?  Any comments on the usefullness of
replacing only the fluid in the reservoir (vice the whole system)?

Jason Douglas