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Valentine detector for sale cheap.

Hi all, 
I'm new to Audis, but not to VW. I've had several VW over the past 10 years, 
including a great '66 type 1... but I digress...

I just spent some time with a Nissan SE-R and bought a Valentine one out of 
necessity, i.e. to keep my liscense. Now I have a '86 4000S, badged as a Q.
The car is fantastic, but minimal power, I don't have to worry about needing
a first class detector with it, so, in seeing all the posts about detectors
I figured someone might be interested in a perfect Valentine 1.

I still have original box, manuals, everything, anyone interested mail me at


Any REASONABLE offer will be quickly accepted.

Gotta go drive my Audi!