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RE: Ridiculous parts cost again.

I just had this done on my 88 5000Q and the old part is sitting in front of me
on my desk. One of the members on this list provided information on getting the
inner part for about $20.00 from Canada. I had the whole thing replaced for
about what your dealer quoted. I spoke to my dealer (US) about replacing just
the inner part and he commented that Audi had a problem with the outer piece
corroding after the inner piece is replaced.

The one in front of me has corrosion on the front and rear facing sides with
only a little corrosion on the other surfaces. In fact, little pieces of
dirt/rust/paint are falling off it as I examine it.

I can repost the old article about buying just the inner piece or mail it to
you if you want (let me know).

My '90 100tq has begun to squeak in the rear end. Checking out what
the problem is revealed that the outer rubber bushing on the upper
left arm is worn out. Checking with the dealer gives the normal "WHAT,
I just want this part, not the whole factory" feeling.

The Swedish dealer wants > SEK 1300 (USD ~180) for just the outer
end. The inner end is > SEK 1400 (USD ~195). The whole arm can be had
for > SEK 1600 (USD ~220).

Does anyone know what a reasonable price for this is in the US, and
are there any outlets that will ship by air to Sweden? Fax number most

Isn't there some "Linda" at "Carlsen" that are reasonable? Phone and
fax number?



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