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RE: Audi Sport 90 vs. Jetta GLX

[This is a second attempt; sorry if you received this twice, but I never saw it
reflected back to me.]

It took me a while to get some time to respond, but here I go. (I'm a new
subscriber, so be gentle with me. ;-)  As a brandy new Jetta GLX owner, I
couldn't sit idly by...

Jason Arthur Filuk <jafiluk@acs.ucalgary.ca> wrote:

>[The Jetta GLX] has a few things the Audi 90 doesnt:
>* 2 additional speakers (8 total) w. Cd-changer controls built in

Actually, it has 10 if you count the 2 tweeters on each of the rear doors
(in addition to the speakers on each of the rear doors).  I have the CD
changer as well, and I must say I am quite pleased with the sound quality
of the factory system.  While I can appreciate high-end audio, the factory
system suits my ears just fine.  Much to my surprise, even when listening
to FM broadcast, there is a detectable sound stage in the car.  That is to
say, I can hear different musical elements from different locations in the
car (if you know what I mean).

>* massive trunk space (550 L) I dont really care about this

And the rear seat folds down (60/40) too!  Really nice feature, IMHO.

>* trip computer (The 90 used to have this) + brake wear indicator

The GLX does have a brake wear indicator; its parts of the dash lights (a
la BMW and others), not the trip computer.  And while were talking
instrumentation, the GLX has a real temperature guage on the dash (complete
with numeric calibration) and the trip computer includes an oil temp

>The Audi benefits:
>* extremely high quality construction and finish

Lets be careful. ;-)  The construction on my GLX is just fine. No better or
worse than an Audi, IMHO.  The finish is another story, much to my chagrin.

>* very quiet engine

The GLX's VR6 is very quiet.  Shifting and acceleration are very smooth.

>* better warranty

I don't think so.  VW's warranty these days is 2 years/24,000 miles which
includes scheduled maintenance, as well as 10 years/100,000 miles on the

>* exclusivity

Well, perhaps Audi's are more exclusive because the you need more money to
buy one.  I would have bought a 90 CS Quattro in an instant, but I wasn't
willing or prepared to shell out an extra $15000 just for AWD.

>Dont get me wrong I love Audis, could someone please let me know
>what things the sport 90 holds as a benefit over the Jetta GLX.
>Both cars to me seem very similar.

In my opinion, the GLX is a lot of car for the money.  I've had mine now
for nearly 3 weeks.  Its fun and enjoyable to drive.  I test drove both an
Audi 90CS and a 90CS Quattro.  While the Quattro was great (really stuck to
the ground around a cloverleaf off-ramp at 35mph!), I found the Audis in
general had the majority of their power in 3rd/4th/5th gear range. The
Jetta VR6 on the other hand (and the Passat for that matter) had more power
in 1st and 2nd gear (where I like it).  I agree (as someone else pointed
out and as a friend of mine keeps telling me...) that the fact that you can
get a rear spoiler for *any* Jetta kinda stinks.  "Cheapens the breed" as
my friend says. But hey, *I* know I have a car that deserves the wing! I'm
not a wannabe, I'm the real thing! :-)

Anyway, I like my GLX a lot.  I waited over 2 years for it (from the time I
knew it was "coming soon"). If money were no object however, I probably
would have gone with the 90CS Quattro (last year) since it was readily
available and the Jetta GLX was not (and Passats prior to '95 are ug-lee,
IMHO! :-)

 '95 Jetta GLX
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