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Audi 100 (v6)

	My dad has a 92 100 with the v6.  It has never been right.
Our local dealer (Carousel in Minneapolis) has been great about trying
anything but nothing has worked.  They have replaced the Ox. sensor,
the fuel injectors, I believe the idle stabalizer, one head, the whole
block plus 1994 updates.  The car still stumbles on intitial take off, it
gets poor milage, power isn't what it should be, and it has that wonderful
rotten eggs smell.  We have had seven Audis in the family (2 four cyl. 

 fives, and the one six, I guess that adds to six, sorry) and we have
never had any trouble with any of them.  Any thoughts what might be wrong?
Oh yeah, it's a five speed if that matters...

Thanks in advance,

Jeremy Walker