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Re: Audi 100 (v6)

Hairy green toads from Mars made JEREMYWALKER@delphi.com say:
> 	My dad has a 92 100 with the v6.  It has never been right.
> Our local dealer (Carousel in Minneapolis) has been great about trying
> anything but nothing has worked.  They have replaced the Ox. sensor,
> the fuel injectors, I believe the idle stabalizer, one head, the whole
> block plus 1994 updates.  The car still stumbles on intitial take off, it
> gets poor milage, power isn't what it should be, and it has that wonderful
> rotten eggs smell.  We have had seven Audis in the family (2 four cyl. 
>  fives, and the one six, I guess that adds to six, sorry) and we have
> never had any trouble with any of them.  Any thoughts what might be wrong?

That rotten eggs smell is usually the sign of a problem with the
Catalytic Converter. Perhaps there is a clog or otehr screwup
in the exhaust system around there.

This could easily explain the poor power and milage, and the stumbling.


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