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Re: Re: Electronic Warfare!

> Didn't Valentine (or some other ESCORT derivative) market a "CHiPs 
> Detector"?  I believe that it was a receiver that was designed to 
> detect the transmitter frequencies for the low power x'ceivers that 
> connect the cop up to the big transmitter in the car.  As I recall 
> you would enter the code for the state you were in and the box would 
> scan for the appropriate frequencies.  It was a little pricey for me.  
> Do they still exist?

Yes, you're correct. I don't know who put it out, but at the time (3-4 years
ago?) I got the product literature.  It was better in concept than in
implementation.  As you said, you would dial up what state you were in and
track the remote transmitter signals.  Basically, it was a police scanner
that would sound an alarm when it picked up a trasmitter.  The drawback I saw
with it was it could track a signla within 3 miles (a very large radius) and
strengthen its warning *assuming* you would begin to travel at 55 MPH toward
the signal.  Problem 1:  It didn't sense the strength of the signal, only the
presence of one.  Problem 2:  In the area where I drive (greater Boston area)
on Route 128, I'm probably always within 3 miles of a cop.  It's probably
more useful for people in rural areas.

BTW:  Uniden now has a similar unit called the BearTracker.  The
advertisement sounds like it's the same:  "Gives alarm within 3 miles of most
highway patrol units (even when their not using radar).  You can listen to
Highway Patrol, Local Police, D.O.T, WX and more!"  It's marketed by a
company called Gray Marketing in Las Vegas 1-800-648-5609 for $199.95.  I'm
willing to call for the info if anyone wants me to.