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Re: Electronic Warfare!

In message <9411172221.AA14572@maxwell.mml.mmc.com>  writes:
> >>>>> "Steven" == Steven Buchholz <steveb@newkla.kla.com> writes:
>  Steven> Steve Buchholz Vorsprung durch Technik!
>  Steven> BTW - I got a request from Dave Dahl about the translation of
>  Steven> the motto.  I wasn't exactly sure, so I wanted to test it on
>  Steven> the net.  My understand- ing is that it means victory through
>  Steven> technology.  Is that correct?
> I would guess that it is closer to advancement or "moving foward"
> through or by technology.  

Or, per my teeny '61 Langenscheidt's, "Projection (by or thur...

> It sounds better auf Deutsch, glaub' ich.

Mir auch!