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Re: Re: Radar detector/jammers (fwd) -Reply

Shannon Shirk wrote:
> Earnest Wong wrote:
> >How many people actually do drive at the limit? Curious minds want to
> >know.
> >I know if 1 person who drives the limit and have been stuck behind a
> >few.
> >But not that many.
> >
> >Ernest Wong email: esw5@cornell.edu
> >
> In Louisiana about 5 years ago, the Highway Patrol had an "obey the
> limit" day. At 5 am, troopers got on every major interstate with a car in
> every lane, going exactly the speed limit (had the cruise control on),
> going both ways. Traffic got so backed up, people were hours late to
> work, more accidents, no revenue from the day....The very next day, the
> state congress passed a law that said the troopers could never do that
> again, due to public saftey. Go figure.

The NMA (National Motorists Association, was CCRTL) did the same thing 
here in the San Francisco Bay Area within the past year or two with 
the same results.  Since they didn't have the authority of the troopers, 
the NMA strategy was to drive 55 in all lanes but the fast lane.  I 
don't think this caused any new legislation, but it did prove the point.  
We really do need to do something about the 55 joke.  The government 
needs to either rigorously enforce the limit as it stands or repeal the 
law (my preference).  I do so love driving 65 on the roads that are 
posted 65 without worrying about keeping the eye in the rear view mirror!

BTW ... yes I drive at the limit at every safe opprotunity ... how else 
can you know what you can and can't do in emergency situations?  
OOOOOHHHH ... you mean the SPEED LIMIT.  Not on highways posted 55 for 
no reason other than revenue enhancement.  

Steve Buchholz
Does anyone know the phone number for the NMA ... I should renew my membership