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Re: 5000 Steering Racks

BOY ... I just read my original posting.  Who wrote that?  What is an 
ordel?  One the integrity ... ?  I can't blame the cats ... they're at 
home!  Since I forgot one other item I was going to note, I thought I'd 
correct the second paragraph here ...

I was wondering: are the leaks a result of deterioration of the steering 
rack boot?  Once the integrity of the boot is lost it is possible for 
stuff (e.g. chunks of rotten rubber) to get on the shaft.  This stuff 
could then get into the seals and cause the leak.  Has anyone else 
noticed deterioration of the boot in conjunction with steering rack 

After I blew up the first rebuilt rack (OOPS!) I decided to save money 
by buying a rebuilt "short" rack to allow me to rebuild the original rack 
from the car.  I noticed that the bump stop at the end of the left rack 
housing was deteriorating as well.  I cleaned out all of the small chunks 
and put it back together.  This could also be a source of contaminants 
to ruin the seals.  

Steve Buchholz