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Re: Audi books/literature

Both Horch & Audi have connections to "hear."  Horch is pretty apparent, 
and if you think of words like audio or audience you can see the connection.  

I have some issues of "Audi Motorist" which contain lists of magazine 
articles ... too much to transcribe here.  I might be able to fax them 
somewhere.  I have a book on the Quattro, I believe that it is called 
"Audi Quattro" and the author's last name is Henry.  I also have a 
limited edition book on the Quattro by Lewandowski (not quite so sure 
on the name here).  If you want a more complete history of Audi, look 
for historical books on the german marques.  I'm still in the process 
of moving, but if I get a chance this weekend I'll take some notes.

Steve Buchholz

BTW - Dr. Wankel worked for NSU.  I saw an NSU rotary engine for model 
airplanes at a hobby shop.  Maybe I'll have to pick it up for my collection.
Honey ... I decided what I want for Christmas!