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Treser no more??? [was: Re: quattro question]

>> Another topic:  Does anyone have any info on the Tressor (tressor) audis?  
>> Aprroximately what years were these available?  I think someone on my street 
>> owns 
>Tressor is a German Tuner, who specializes in aftermarket body kits, and 
>like other Tuners (for the German market), can add as much performance as you 
>want.  Speed costs money.  How fast do you want to go?
>In the US, due to a variety of Emissions laws, it's unlikely that you'll see 
>any Tressor mods beyond body kits.

Last time I spoke to Europarts, they said that Treser had gone out of 
business but I haven't check other sources to see if it's true.  Anyone
know fer sure?

					- Chris Idleman
					  '87 Coupe GT