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S4 vs. V8

I am approaching a crossroads with my 89 200TQ where I would like to
move to a newer vehicle.  I test drove an A6Q this week and was not
particularly impressed.  There are a lot of niceties on my car that I
would have to give up on the A6.  Plan B is to find a low mileage S4 or
V8.  (The S6 is not an option because the Peoples Republic of Mass
has banned them for emission reasons.)

What I would like from the group is some feedback on the two as far as
reliability, handling, performance, resale value, feature comparisons,

It seems that the majority of the members here are Coupe and 4000
owners/drivers, so I hope that some of you may have heard feedback
from dealers, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help.

GKW - 89 200TQ