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Re: S4 vs. V8 -Reply

GKW>>Thanks for your help.  I am leaning toward the V8 because I,
too, spend a fair amount of time in traffic.  But I am going to drive an
S4 as soon as I can find one ( there are a couple of used ones in the
Boston area.)  I have answered the rest of your questions below.  One
more question - What are approx prices for 91-93 S4 and V8's??

>>> Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu> 11/19/94 03:55pm >>>
On Sat, 19 Nov 1994, Gary Webster wrote:

> I test drove an A6Q this week and was not
> particularly impressed.  

do tell more!

GKW>>Performance was comparable to mine (perhaps a little
smoother torque band).  Definitely "feels" like a smaller car.  Would
need a longer trip to really evaluate.  (I had the standard 8-10 mile
accompanied trip.)  I was expecting more zip.

>There are a lot of niceties on my car that I
> would have to give up on the A6. 

such as?

GKW>>Such as Sport seats, a trip computer, an oil pressure
gauge(why not??), rear headphone jacks, BBS alloy wheels, a coin
holder (nit pick - but I pay a lot of tolls), also 25+ MPG 

> Plan B is to find a low mileage S4 or
> V8.  (The S6 is not an option because the Peoples Republic of Mass
> has banned them for emission reasons.)

wow, that's terrible.. 
  > What I would like from the group is some feedback on the two as
far as
> reliability, handling, performance, resale value, feature comparisons,
> etc.  

the other thing i would consider doing is to breathe some new life into
your 200Q.. put IA mods in it...

GKW>>I have no complaints about the performance of my car.  I am
just looking for a newer one with fewer miles.  (Mine has "only" 103K)