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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

   Alan Cordeiro sez:
   > Frank  Deutschmann mantioned ( June or so ) that he was considering eliinating the hydraulic pump, hoping to save 60 or so HP.

[text deleted]

   My current challenge is the steering rack; to eliminate the hydraulic pump, I
   am also going to a manual rack, but that is not so easy in this car.  Audi uses
   a rather strange arrangement where only one end of the rack is used for output,
   with both tie rods connecting at that point.  It is interesting, as the nominal
   position puts the tie rod inner pivot point right on the centerline of the vehicle,
   but it is also difficult to replace for that reason.

   I experience quite a bit of bump steer with the stock configuration, and I would
   like to fix that, so I am currently making lots of measurements, etc to perhaps
   relocat the steering pickup on the front suspension.  This has become a major

[text deleted]

What car is this for?

If it is for an 80 or 100 style body, you could probably get a rack
from a European 4 banger. They normally didn't have power steering and
used vacuum PB.