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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

      >> Before I rebuilt mine, I considered getting
      >> an ELECTRICAL 12 VOLT PUMP, with a cutoff switch and a pressure
      >> accumulator. It would take the constant one or two horsepower
      >> load off the engine and put it onto the battery. This pump would

   From my experiences with Audi Electricals, I would be very *very VERY *VERY*
   hesitant to put any more load on the factory electrics, especially one that
   rates in the horsepower units (as I recall, dimly, 1 HP = 746 WATTs which
   will draw around **60** amps at 12 volts! Thats 100% efficiency, so factor
   in electric motor losage and you are talking three digits (**100** amps!)
   as the starting point for your pump. Just lugging enough heavy-gauge wire
   around to hook up your pump may well cost you more hp than you save by off-
   loading the engine...(not to mention the extra alternator or two needed to
   drive the extra electrical load! or coupla hundred ft**2 of solar panel!).

It's actually 736 W/HP.

I don't think the electrical issue is such a big deal. The radiator
fan on my '90 100tq with ECC is rated at 700 W. The alternator is a
beast rated at 120A.