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Re: 5000 brake booster (servo)

>Anyway, its food for thought, the best benefit may come from
>removing the constant one or two horsepower load from the
>driveshaft belt, and replacing it with an intermittant load
>on the electrical system. 

Would you need to upgrade the battery and alternator too?
2 hp is about 1500 watts = 125 amps!

>I'd hesitate to put a larger
>number on the constant horsepower draw of the present system,
>but take your best guess.

Maybe, as another option, you could add a pressure accumulator on the
steering side  and a clutch (from a monster a/c compressor?) on the pump
shaft.  You'd want pressure sensors on both the brake and steering circuits
for operating the clutch (through a relay).

One would suppose that the maximum benefit would be seen with cars that are
used on long straight roads (i.e, in the southwest or mid west).

Jason Douglas