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Re: Irratic Idling...


I can't remember the original message, but before you buy anything why not
have someone "setup" the engine.  There are specific adjustments for the
timing (only if the distributor has been moved for some reason), for the
mixture and for the idle air valve.  Erratic idling is usually vacuum leaks
as has been suggested or the various components "fighting" with each other
(eg. the mixture is too rich so the oxs keeps knocking it down or the idle
base setting is too low so the idle air valve runs out of range trying to
raise it).

Probably the best single indication of what's happening is the voltage
reading at the oxygen sensor green wire which when disconnected should be
somewhere between .3v & .8v & fluctuating.  High voltage means you're rich,
low voltage indicates lean.

A competent setup/diagnosis should cost a lot less than the $100+ that the
stabilizer valve costs or the $160 +/- for the idle control module.

good luck! & keep us posted...ned bennett