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Re: Irratic Idling...

At 04:08 PM 11/22/94 -0700, quattro@swiss.ans.net wrote:
>Well after the suggestions from everyone, I went through everything and
>can't find any vacuum leaks anywhere. So the only thing that I can think
>of is the idle stablizer.. how much to these puppies cost? 
>oh yeah, 89 100Q
>Any other ideas out there?
>Thanks for all the input.

I missed your first post, but I gather you have an erratic idling problem 
which can't be found for love or money.  Join the club.  I have a 88' 90Q 
with 138K on it that Audi has chased for 6 years trying to find a low idle 
speed with AC on when very hot. (Like summer in Phoenix.)

Anyways, if the 100Q is like mine, check for a dwell signal across the two 
terminals  at the stabilizer.  No signal means problems in the wiring 
harness or computer.  On the 90Q a dwell signal should *always* be on the 
stabilizer.  (when running of course!)  Different techs have replaced the 
following items looking for this "missing" signal:  Idle stabilizer, O2 
sensor, knock sensor, fuel computer, ignition computer, and potentiometer (a 
thingy on the fuel injection control unit).

Any questions, let me know.  I have a fair understanding of the Bosch KE-3 
Jetronic, which I believe you have as well.