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Re: Belt Replacement 4000 - 4cyl

On Nov 21,  7:39pm, Steven Buchholz wrote:
> Subject: Re: Belt Replacement 4000 - 4cyl
> I'm not an expert on the 4K, but on the Fox the front "motor mount" simply 
> limited the amount the engine would rotate from the torque applied to the 
> wheels.  (I remember once the dealer had forgotten to tighten it after a 
> service and the crank pulley would hit the oil pan protection grate!)  If 
> you have motor mounts on the left and right side of the engine (and prob-
> ably one at the back of the transmission, it is probably not necessary to 
> support the front of the engine.  Safe is always better than sorry though!
> Steve Buchholz
>-- End of excerpt from Steven Buchholz

You are right, Steve.  Further investigation, and messages from other
people, proves that you don't need to support the engine.  I believe I
replaced a motor mount at the same time I had the front mount off also.