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Re: Digital Oil Pressure Gauge

On Nov 27,  9:16am, Phil Payne wrote:
> The only reasonable solution I've come up with so far is to mount a normal 
> (analogue dial) instrument down in the bottom of the driver's side dashboard 
> bin - where the driver can see it but it doesn't interfere with the overall 
> internal aesthetics.
> Anyone got any better ideas?
> (The oil pressure switch recommended by Audi, BTW, has terminals both for the 
> oil pressure warning light and for a gauge.  Apparently, gauges were fitted to 
> some vehicles.)
> Phil Payne
>-- End of excerpt from Phil Payne

There is an assembly that replaces the cover for the instrument panel
that adds a space on the right side of the inst. pod for gauges.  Can't
remember where to get it from!  Ti should be able to give some more
info since I know his 4000 has one!

Some 4000/coupes did come with oil pressure gauges (analog).