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Digital Oil Pressure Gauge

I'm trying to find an oil pressure gauge (and turbo boost gauge) that won't 
look out of place in a digital ur-quattro.  Ideally, following "experiences" 
with the existing instrumentation, I'd like a capillary takeoff from the 
engine to a remote transducer.
The only reasonable solution I've come up with so far is to mount a normal 
(analogue dial) instrument down in the bottom of the driver's side dashboard 
bin - where the driver can see it but it doesn't interfere with the overall 
internal aesthetics.

Anyone got any better ideas?

(The oil pressure switch recommended by Audi, BTW, has terminals both for the 
oil pressure warning light and for a gauge.  Apparently, gauges were fitted to 
some vehicles.)

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
+44 385 302803 Fido 2:2503/415  CIS 100012,1660