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Re: S4 vs V8

The two states that adopted California emission standards (MA and NY) created
quite a stir within Audi as I understand it.

VERY late in the launch planning for the '95s this fall, Audi was considering a
detuned S6 at launch (227bhp to about 190bhp) to squeek it by whatever
emissions threshholds these actions created.

All this poses a question that I haven't yet asked anywhere:  Is the S4/S6 sold
in California?  What special changes are required there?

Since I'm quite new to the S4, so there is not a lot to add to the core debate
of "S4 vs V8".  The S4 is clearly a wonderful machine.

Handling is fun for 3,800lbs.  The whole package feels tight, confident,
surprisingly neutral, and "smaller" than the actual dimensions would lay out on
paper.  It is not flawless, but definitely better turn-in and much more
controlled in the real world of back roads pavement.

I removed the rear seat headrests to open a big view rearward.  This reduced
the apparent size of the interior quite a bit and made backing, parking, and
freeway reaction easier.

The trip computer/boost gage/... was supposedly a high warranty cost item for
Audi.  It was easy to drop the cost as they worked to position the car in the
American market.  I heard that it may come back next year ('96).

It must also be mentioned that the S4 has door pockets like my Cooper S!

John Ewald
'93 Audi S4
'67 Austin Cooper S 1275