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Digital Oil Pressure Gauge

In message <9411271610.ZM22619@rpi.edu> Joseph Charles Bossolini writes:
> There is an assembly that replaces the cover for the instrument panel
> that adds a space on the right side of the inst. pod for gauges.  Can't
> remember where to get it from!  Ti should be able to give some more
> info since I know his 4000 has one!
> Some 4000/coupes did come with oil pressure gauges (analog).
> -- 
> Joe
> bossoj@rpi.edu

The 4000 (which we in Europe know as the 80) is a very different beast 
internally.  I have a 1982 80CD, and I've already fitted a replacement panel 
that takes three extra gauges.  Audi also supply VDO instruments that match the 
other (standard) instruments in appearance (colour, legend font) and function 
(reading direction, etc).

On a TQC, the problem is different - the digital dash has no moving parts.  
Even the analogue displays are bars of LEDs.  I don't really want to start 
fitting dial-type instruments in plain view - it would totally ruin its 
I run this car as a "poser-mobile" - it's designed to impress my clients as 
distinctive.  I'd like to keep the original styling.  OTOH - I'd like an oil 
pressure gauge.
Because of the extra bits and pieces (the differential lock, the oil 
temperature and voltage displays, etc.) there isn't a replaeable panel in the 
central area.

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