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RE: Digital Oil Pressure Gauge

Hi Phil,

>I'm trying to find an oil pressure gauge (and turbo boost gauge) that won't 

>look out of place in a digital ur-quattro.  Ideally, following 
>with the existing instrumentation, I'd like a capillary takeoff from the
>engine to a remote transducer.

>The only reasonable solution I've come up with so far is to mount a normal
>(analogue dial) instrument down in the bottom of the driver's side 
>bin - where the driver can see it but it doesn't interfere with the overall 

>internal aesthetics.

>Anyone got any better ideas?

In my 83 TQC with the original dash, I had 3 extra gauges mounted in the 
special Abt dash pod which mounted the gauges to the right of the regular 
instruments on the US cars, kind of above the center vents. Since the UK 
cars are right hand drive, was there ever an aftermarket Abt dash which 
mounted extra gauges to the left of the instruments?

Anyways, I have now updated my dash/center console in the 83 TQC to the 
85-later style dash and I ran into the same problem, where to mount the 
extra gauges. I don't think anyone makes an aftermarket dash for the 85 and 
later TQCs and 4000s. Currently, my solution is to mount 3 gauges in place 
of the center vent. I removed the vent hardware and fabricated a plate which 
fits into this location, drilled 3 holes, mounted the gauges, made a tight 
wiring loom and it all fit in there. It took a bit of work, but it's in 
there. With this setup my instrumentation now looks like, voltmeter and oil 
temp LED bar graphs in normal center console locations, oil 
pressure(analog)/boost pressure(analog) and Air/Fuel LED bar graph in the 
center vent location.

I don't think I will keep it like this as I have now lost fresh air into the 
passenger compartment. I am not sure what I will try next though. Maybe only 
mount 2 gauges in the center vent and put slats in the plate to allow 
outside air to pass through? Maybe go with some type of A-pillar gauge 
mount? Fabricate a custom gauge pod which will sit in the recessed section 
of passenger area of the dash?

As for digital gauges, I have a catalog from a company here in the US, 
Performance Fuel Systems which carries digital fuel pressure and boost 
pressure gauges and senders. Maybe the fuel pressure gauge can also be used 
as an oil pressure gauge? The gauges are circular, 2 1/16 inch in diameter, 
black with a black face, 7-segment LED numbers show through the black face 
when the gauge is powered. The kit prices range from $100US to $150US. Looks 
like it might fit your application. The address is

Performance Fuel Systems
P.O. Box 286
Howell, MI  48844
517.548.5975 phone
517.548.6856 fax

For wierd problems with the digital dash, VW/Audi car magazine had an 
article a few years ago which gave the wiring schematic for the digital dash 
ur-quattros. I will look up which issue this info was in. Maybe you could 
then purchase the back issues?

By the way, are you a member of the UK Quattro Owners Club?
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 coupe GT
83 TQC, now sidelined, awaiting clutch work