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Re: Sport 90 vs. Jetta GLX

> adams@churchill.columbiasc.ncr.com writes:
> > Servotronic has it's downside, but what is it about the VR6.  It has no
> > more power or torque than the Audi V-6.
> It's a sweeter, smoother engine than the Audi V6.  (It's also more compact
> but that may not be significant to you.)  Have you driven cars with both
> engines, or are you just looking at the spec sheets?

Actually, I own a 93 90CS and have spent a good bit of time driving a friends
Corrado SLC (and his G60 before that and maybe his GTI-VR6 if he trades this
week).  I would be the first to agree that the sounds from the VR6 are more 
satisfying, but the power and responsiveness is no better.  The Audi 6 also
seems more refined running like a "swiss watch" (quote from J. Greenstreet).
The VR6 seems less refined, actually, the VR6 reminds me alot of the older
BMW small six (like in my 89 325is).  The power band feels like the BMW's 
too, unlike the Audi. 
> > And it seems to be plagued with
> > mechanical problems from reading r.a.v, European Car, Car and Gut Fahrt.
> > Other than the novelty of the narrow V, I don't see it's value.
> Apart from CAR's "lemon"
> story on the Golf VR6, there sem to be few problems with the VR6 engines.
> The one in my Passat has certainly been completely fault-free for 50,000
> km now.

I can add Auto, Motor und Sport, for another source that had less than a 
sparkling long term road-test (which are much more extensive than the 
ones done by US rags).  I can add my friend's Corrado as being trouble free,
but is also driven less than 10K miles a year.  

Keep in mind that I like the VR6, but just don't prefer it to the Audi V-6.
Both are nice peices of engineering.


Daniel Adams