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Re: Porsche, Audi, BMW Factory Tour info

> I originally contacted Audi of America at 1-800-822-AUDI but was told that 
> tours were available at the Ingolstadt factory. This information was 
> incorrect at the time (as pointed out by a quattro list individual). The 
> Ingolstadt factory tours were not available because of the retooling 
> underway for the new A4 sedan. I had my business contact in Austria call 

Yep, they were retooling, but there is still alot to be seen in Ingolstadt.
As it turns out I had a last minute business trip to Augsburg/Munich.
I had some free time on Saturday and headed up to Ingolstadt.  They
also have a nice Visitor Center (Audi Center).   They had several cars
on display, primarily 80s in all kinds of varitations, many components 
including the 4-wheel drive system on display and some racing Audis.
There is also the Audi Sport facility, which was closed, that offers
lots of goodies to spice up your Audi (like M-sports for BMW or Sportline
for Mercedes).


Daniel Adams