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Re: Documentation

 Hi Phil, It sounds to me like you're in dire need of a factory service
manual for your TQC. If it helps, I got my manual from -

Robert Bentley Publishers Inc.
1000 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts
02138           USA

I think it ran me about $100.US, it would cover the US version of the TQC,
but I think the wiring diagrams would help. I don't have their fax number
handy, but they could probably tell you who supplies the factory manuals for
Audi UK. Was your dealer any help in locating a manual? 
The preferred method for mounting auxillary gauges in a TQC is indeed the
dash pod that bolts right over your instrument binnacle, it will give you
room for two or three other gauges. I was once told that the dash pod was
actually an Audi part for European Audi 80's that were sold to taxi
companies. I think they mount their fare meters in them! Hope this helps!

-Chris Semple
'83 TQC
'84 4000q
'87 4000q