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    Hi Phil, It sounds to me like you're in dire need of a factory service
   manual for your TQC. If it helps, I got my manual from -

   Robert Bentley Publishers Inc.
   1000 Massachusetts Avenue
   Cambridge, Massachusetts
   02138           USA

   I think it ran me about $100.US, it would cover the US version of the TQC,
   but I think the wiring diagrams would help. I don't have their fax number

The Bently manual(s) [that I have found/seen] are at best a set of hints for
the TQCs (at least the '83 that I have). If you treat them as a philosophical
treatise on how Audi more-or-less thought about mid-80's cars, they are a
god-send. If you expect them to actually tell you about the TQC, forget it.
The wiring diagram for the "'84 Quattro Turbo" is about 95% accurate, in my
experience (again wrt '83 UrQ; exclude *ALL* fuse/relay information as it is
completely wrong [well, useless anyways]). All things considered, that alone
makes the Bentley worth its price. Remember though that these critters are
virtually handbuilt,and production-line changes seem to be the rule rather
than the exception -- one guy I know has an UrQ/TQC which is part of a "pro-
duction run" of 16 cars with a particular piece of hydraulic plumbing ab-
solutely unique to the UrQ line [read "Damn F***ing Expen$ive" not to men-
tion special order from Germany to replace]; Ditto rear brake calipers; But
the disks are standard ("cheap" "readily available") 5000 units . . .

Audi "released" two, um, pamphlets or booklets on the UrQs, labeled "Intro-
ductory Service Training Information" (one sub-labeled "Maintenance and Ad-
justments"), 8.5 x 11 format, about 50 pages each. They have no "parts num-
bers" (nor, for that matter, Copyrights nor even disclaimers other than a
quickie "...subject to change"), so I have no idea how to tell you to score
a set other than demanding Audi/dealer let you copy one of their dog-eared