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SCCA Pro Rally in Maine this weekend!!!

  The last Pro Rally of the SCCA '94 season is this weekend, Friday and
  Saturday in Rumford Maine, USA. This might be your very last chance to
  see multiple-time National Pro Rally Champion, Paul Choiniere at the
  wheel of the mighty S2 Turbo Quattro Coupe that won the Mt.Washington
  Hillclimb and the SCCA Pro Rally Championship in years past.

  Here's the official poop:

  The 1994 Maine Forest Rally will be a Fraday-night-Saturday event
  counting toward the SCCA Championship; it will be the final event, and
  the year-end awards will take place on Saturday night following the

  Two divisional rallies, counting toward the 1995 Divisional Championship,
  will run. Friday night's will be called the SEVEN ISLANDS Rally and will
  be a coefficient 2; Saturday's, the BOISE CASCADE Rally, will be a
  coefficient 3. Friday's will consist of 4 stages totalling 50 stage
  miles; Satirday's will consist of 4 stages totalling 70 stage miles.

  The National course will consist of 8 special stages, ranging in length
  from 6 to 25 miles, with a total stage length of 120 miles. All the
  stages are on gravel, logging roads owned by BOISE CASCADE PAPER CO. and
  SEVEN ISLANDS LAND CO. The roads range from medium fast two lane to
  narrower and twistier