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Re: intercooler

  Naw, I never had any problems with hot running with the aux radiator, or
  I never would have removed it. I only removed it because it developed a
  slow leak and the replacement cost was rathger high ($). Since I never
  had any over-temp problems and I had a water temp guage I thought I'd see
  how it would work without it. It runs nice and cool without it as well. I
  had installed the 160 F thermostat and thermoswitch when I still had the
  aux radiator in the car.  But still, I'm running Ned's Stage II computer,
  an S4-type turbo and 15-17 PSI boost, well above stock. No hot running
  noted and no problems with preignition either. Of course I don't ever
  drive it hard, just autocrosses, 1/4 mile drags and many trips up Mt.
  Washington, etc. and afterall, it's only got  180,000+ miles on the
  original engine, clutch and driveline.