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[Mark Salem: Quattro Spyder! WOW!]

On Fri, 18 Nov 1994, Mark Salem <msalem@ursa12.cs.utah.edu> wrote:
>Subject: Quattro Spyder! WOW!
>I just discovered a picture of a "quattro spyder"...does anybody know
>anything about this drop-dead gorgeous car?  WOW!  Is it just a European
>model or is it a concept car.
>ps. picture on WWW Pages.

My sentiments exactly!  The Quattro Spider was a show car that came out 
about the same time as the Avus show car.  Whereas the Avus was really
exotic (polished aluminum skin, mid-mounted W-12 engine, HUGE wheels...
19" I think), the Quattro Spider was pretty close to production-ready.
If memory serves me correctly, they were talking 2.8L V-6 of familiar
origin and a price tag in the $65,000 range.  Certainly a potential
winner in the way that the limited production Dodge Viper has boosted
the image of Chrysler.  Anyway, one of the car magazines recommended 
that its readers write to Audi to convince the bean counters to give
the production go-ahead.  Obviously, Audi management chose otherwise
and, IMHO, made a serious mistake.  I would have given a precious portion
of my anatomy to get a Quattro Spider if it was offered... ;-)

Since they're not available for the street, seeing that one on the 'Web
will have to suffice.  Sigh.....

					Chris Idleman
					'87 Coupe GT

PS - Maybe we can revive a letter-writing campaign?  Just what would they 
call it?  Given the new numbering scheme, they'll have to call it an S-10!