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Re: Euro Lights

>      I'm also debating fitting a set of euro lenses on my '87 4000q. I
>called TAP out of curiosity and got a price of $500, whew! That's much more
>expensive than my previous VW's. Does anyone know if Canada has the same
>lighting specs as Europe? Can I purchase a set of canadian spec lights new
>from a dealer or from a yard? What did everyone else pay for their lights?
>      -Chris Semple

Actually, if it includes both the glass fronts and the backs, $500 is not 
too bad a price for a set of the true german euro lights (w/integral driving 
lights) which fit on the 4000 and later quattro coupes.

>On another note, does anyone know, if there are any clear plastic 
>covers available for the headlights for an '87 4000, like you can get for
>the VWs. The dealer and some other parts places did not know about it
>for the 4000.

Yes there is. They are clear acrylic and cover the headlight and wrap around 
and cover the side marker lights. I have had a set of plastic covers on the 
lights of my 86 GT since the car was new. The first set gave out last spring 
and I went searching for another set. Checked all the local auto parts 
stores and came up empty. While at the local dealer, I asked them about a 
set of light covers and they had them in stock. Give Stammler Audi a call at 
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com