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Re: Euro Lights

> >>       I'm also debating fitting a set of euro lenses on my '87 4000q. I
> >> called TAP out of curiosity and got a price of $500, whew! That's much 
> more
> >> expensive than my previous VW's. Does anyone know if Canada has the same
> >> lighting specs as Europe? Can I purchase a set of canadian spec lights 
> new
> >> from a dealer or from a yard? What did everyone else pay for their 
> lights?
> The ones for my '82 4000 were ~$300 and I got them at a dealer in Germany.
> The ones for my '90 200 were $600 from a company in NY state.
> These things are expensive, but well worth it, IMHO.

Just a pricing datapoint and info tidbit:

I had to replace a stock U.S. headlight on my 85 4000sq (got broken by debris on
the freeway).  Dealer price was around $200.  The 85-87 4000sq has an integrated
lens and housing.  I think the older quattro 82-84 had a 4 light system with
more conventional lamps, in any case pre 85 is different.  

> Peter