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Re: Euro Lights

>      I'm also debating fitting a set of euro lenses on my '87 4000q. I
>called TAP out of curiosity and got a price of $500, whew! That's much more
>expensive than my previous VW's. Does anyone know if Canada has the same
>lighting specs as Europe? Can I purchase a set of canadian spec lights new
>from a dealer or from a yard? What did everyone else pay for their lights?
>      -Chris Semple

The light standards in Canada are the same as in the USA, i.e. the light
pattern is different than the European one. The only difference to the
US is the requirement for daytime running lights since the early '90s.
Just the backing plate for the light, which I think is light specific,
is about C$100.00 at the dealer. I never asked about the lights, but
you can extrapolate from here.

On another note, does anyone know, if there are any clear plastic protective
covers available for the headlights for an '87 4000, like you can get for
the VWs. The dealer and some other parts places did not know about it
for the 4000.

Thanks, Peter