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Re: Just purchased 86 4000sq!!!

>1986 4000S Quattro - 147K miles but in nice shape.
>Well taken care of by previous owner.  He was the second owner and has
>has the car since 33K.  I have all of his repair receipts.
>Needs exhaust for sure.  Any recommendations?
>My driving lamps don't appear to come on.  These are the clear lamps
>that are integrated into the front bumper.  When should they come on?
>I can't find a special switch for them or a mention in the
>owners manual.


As for the exhaust, does Borla has a stainless system by chance?
My exhaust will go soon too!

As for the driving lights, on my car those are just plain reflector
plates, no lights in there. Next to it is the directional light.
The bulb in there is a dual filament one, but the 5W part of it is
not wired up, even the connector is missing from the socket. I
guess, you could wire that up to come on with the yellow side markers,
but those are not driving lights. Your car could be different though.

Good luck with your new car, Peter