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Just purchased 86 4000sq!!!

1986 4000S Quattro - 147K miles but in nice shape.
Well taken care of by previous owner.  He was the second owner and has
has the car since 33K.  I have all of his repair receipts.  

I love it!!!  It handles sooo well, even for a worn out one.

sike!! yesssss!!!

Needs exhaust for sure.  Any recommendations?

Quick questions:

How difficult/expensive is it to add heated seats?

How difficult/expensive is it to add trip computer?

My driving lamps don't appear to come on.  These are the clear lamps
that are integrated into the front bumper.  When should they come on?
I can't find a special switch for them or a mention in the
owners manual.

Thanks in advance for answers and comments.


Robert Randall                                 robertr@apertus.com
Apertus Technologies                   612-828-0224 / 612-379-2678
7275 Flying Cloud Drive                 Eden Prairie, MN     55344