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Specs FAQ

Subj:	Specs FAQ
Date:	94-12-06 02:00:14 EST
From:	OREO447766
To:	dan@ans.net

      If it helps, here's the specs on my '84 4000q.......


Engine code JT 5cyl (2.22L, 136 cu in) comp ratio 8.5:1
Manual trans code 016 5spd
Final drive code 016

Produced in Ingolstadt.

All of the above specs are from my Bentley manual, however, I wasn't able to
find out the gear ratios for my trans. The other ratios were all listed, but
nothing for the quattros. I know my '84 has shorter gears than my '87 4000q.
I'm told by friends that the '84 has the shortest ratio box that Audi made
for the quattros, but I'm still curious about the specs. Any advice?
                                                 -Chris Semple