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Re: Roster entry

In message <199412050928.JAA19916@stimpy.mfltd.co.uk> Shaun Lowry writes:
> After an absence of over a year, I'm rejoining the quattro list as I have just
> purchased an immaculate 1985 Ur-quattro.

In your absence, an '88 ur-quattro based at the other end of the A43 (near 
Kettering) joined.

I'm down in Newbury every so often (the UK Computer Measurement Group's HQ is 
in Pound Court, just of the High Street) so I'll give you a call.  I also had a 
turbo go bang because of faulty servicing, but I wound up with the bill because 
I couldn't prove which of two garages was to blame.  GBP1600.
More your neck of the woods than mine - there is supposed to be a serious 
quattro specialist in Swindon.  Have you heard of "Dial-Linxs", on 0793-722948 
(mobile 0850-957683)?

If you ever need a left-hand track rod for an RHD quattro - let me know. 

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
+44 385 302803 Fido 2:2503/415  CIS 100012,1660