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Re: Roster entry

>More your neck of the woods than mine - there is supposed to be a serious 
>quattro specialist in Swindon.  Have you heard of "Dial-Linxs", on 0793-722948 
>(mobile 0850-957683)?

Yup, it's actually Dial-Lynx.  They do lots of 3rd party spares which
Volkswagen Audi-car rave about.  They'll even do a Sport Quattro lookalike
conversion on an Ur-quattro for about 5,000 GBP.

>If you ever need a left-hand track rod for an RHD quattro - let me know. 

I'm not sure...  The car's going into my local garage - the guy that runs it
is a bit of a quattro freak - to get the tailpipe replaced.  I've been getting
a strange intermittent creaking noise from the front left running gear when
I'm on full right lock.  Any clues as to what this might be?


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