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Re: '88 model 80 quattro

Thanks for all the advice.  It's decision time tomorrow in the AM.  

Yes, I did notice the 80 Quattro could use a few more beans  - but, I've got
the mighty TQC if I want to go faster than good sense allows!  Does anyone
know the differences between the 80Q and 90Q regarding engine output?  I
assumed both models had the same engine/drive train and different levels of
trim (e.g., leather interior).

I'll check on the radiator - could be a costly fix for parts ('cause I do
all my own mechanicals).

Nice early Porsche collection, Claudia.  Wow, a couple real squirters.
Quite a transition from the 911RS to the 80Q? 

>Claudia Conrad wrote:
>1988 80Q
>1986 4000SQ
>1973 Porsche 911RS
>1971 Porsche 914-6