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'88 model 80 quattro

I can second the advice on the radiator/temp sensor check...I bought my
'88 80Q in August.  While throwing the car around corners on the test drive,
I noticed the temp light would flash.  I bought the car from a dealer, so
I put in the purchase and sale agreement that that had to be fixed or no
sale.  Well, they said the temp sensor was bad, and replaced it.  About a
week after I bought the car, I started to flash again.  It was still under
the used car warranty, so back to the dealer I went.  Lo and behold, I
needed a new radiator, the old one was leaking.  The part alone was $450,
so the service guys were really p.o.'d when I pointed out that the problem
was supposed to be fixed before purchase, so they had to pay for the new

The only other problem I've had is starting problems...that turned out
to be a bad injector or two.  Unfortunately, I had to cough up for those.

Win some, lose some.

I love the car though, except I would like a little more pep...

Claudia Conrad
1988 80Q
1986 4000SQ
1973 Porsche 911RS
1971 Porsche 914-6