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Strange idle (80Q)

I have an '88 80Q with 70000 miles.  It's been running perfectly until
today.  I stopped to grab some lunch to go, got in the car, and started
it.  It had only been turned off for about 5 minutes.  The idle sounds
very strange now.  It's not smooth, it revs a tiny bit (200 rpms).  It
seems like normal idle is 1000 rpm, but it's going up and down between
that and 1200 rpm.

To use technical language, instead of going hummmmmmmmmmmm, it is going

Any ideas?  I have to admit, I have not bought the Bentley manuals yet
(I didn't know they existed until I joined this list last month).

Also, if anyone knows a good mechanic in this area (I live in Newton MA
and work in North Easton MA (near Stoughton)) I would love a recommendation.

Thanks in advance.

Claudia Conrad
'88 80Q
'86 4000SQ