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Re: Strange idle (80Q)

   I have an '88 80Q with 70000 miles.  It's been running perfectly until
   Also, if anyone knows a good mechanic in this area (I live in Newton MA
   and work in North Easton MA (near Stoughton)) I would love a recommendation.

Two I'll recommend *very* highly (from direct personal experience) would

    Dave Clark @ The Benz Den (617) 489-6548 in Belmont (Rt2 and Rt60),
    they are really good with German beasts. Two of the three guys there
    even have UrQ's of their own!

    European Performance Engineering (no number handy) in, I think, Natick
    just off Rt 27 near Rt 135 (?? Been a while). They're more into Porsches,
    but performed a coupla miracles with my UrQ a few years back. Embaras-
    singly enough, I don't remember names there either, but if you are des-
    perate enough to beg me for them, I can dig them up at home and email
    ya later.