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Re: boge pro gas shocks and non-stock suspension settings for v8q

In a previous message,Eliot Lim writes:
>> a) decrease front roll stiffness
>> b) increase front roll stiffness
>i think you meant increase rear roll stiffness... :)


>hmm, i will try to see if anybody makes stiffer rear anti-roll bars...
>i have to leave the front the way it is because i am really picky
>about a well damped ride.  just figured that a slight amount of extra
>negative camber would sharpen things... what do you think?

This will probably help.  In understeer, you've used up all your grip by
running too large of a slip-angle.  All you can do is decrease the slip angle
(go slower or don't turn as hard....nah!!!) or increase your lateral grip.

Increasing the negative camber will compensate somewhat for tread-roll under
and help when the body rolls over and puts more weight on the outside tires.
Unfortunately, this means that the inside tires do less in turns.  It's a
tough game and I don't have the money to play right now.  I think you also
need to spend some $$$ on a GOOD set of tires if you want optimal handling
from your new setup.  Invest in a set of snows if you need to, and spend some
bucks on some good tread.  In a car as unbalanced as these (and with the
enormous weight problem), good rubber is essential IMO.

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