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Re: boge pro gas shocks and non-stock suspension settings for v8q

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Christopher Ice x2136 wrote:

> Really, the only things I can think of to cure the understeer is:
> a) decrease front roll stiffness
> b) increase front roll stiffness

i think you meant increase rear roll stiffness... :)

> c) use that throttle!!!  ;-)
> Understeer is difficult to get rid of (as I've found).  Mine understeers quite
> a bit, as all sedans seem to.  It's designed in as a "safer" failure mode of
> going in too hot.  

> To recover from understeer, you turn the wheel MORE in the
> direction you want to go...a natural reaction.  
>To recover from oversteer, you
> turn the wheel OPPOSITE the direction you want to go....not a natural reaction
> for retirees or housewives.

yes, i've spent many years trying to get the best out of nose heavy
audis.  the slow in fast out axiom is more true for these cars than
most others.  in the v8 there's enough power to kick the tail out in
the wet if you do it right.  but my ex-4000q was far easier to 4 wheel
drift than this car, which i have not managed yet..

>Fortunately, you have adjustable shocks in the front (right?) so you
> can soften the front and stiffen the rear. 

no i don't.. the only thing that i can adjust at this point is
the suspension geometry, not any of the stiffness setttings.
i guess at this point i'm not being too ambitious.

> This should bring the rear out
> nicely.  Stiffening the front, in very few cases, will help handling by
> reducing camber changes and lessening body roll.  You might be able to,
> however, leave the front stiffness alone and tighten the hell out of the rear.

hmm, i will try to see if anybody makes stiffer rear anti-roll bars...
i have to leave the front the way it is because i am really picky
about a well damped ride.  just figured that a slight amount of extra
negative camber would sharpen things... what do you think?

does ned ritchie do suspension?