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Re: boge pro gas shocks and non-stock suspension settings for v8q

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Carl DeSousa wrote:

> Eliot

> My advice is to back up from the whole idea of putting these shocks in.
> Do you really want to start suspension upgrading without having a plan
> for what end result you might acheive?

carl, my car needs new shocks because the current ones are quite worn
out.  i've been told that the pro gas works mostly the same as the
turbo gas except that it gets stiffer under "sporty" conditions..
something about twin valving...

anyway, even with new turbo gas (stock) the car does feel that stiffer
shocks would help tie down the car better.  so from a ride point of
view, i have an interest in the pro gas shocks.

> You're right to be concerned about more understeer cause thats what
> you're going to get.  If you want to get the attitude of the car to 
> handle more neutral I recommend less dampening in the front and more
> in the rear.

except that a looser front leads to more float as in now..  i think
i would consider a well damped ride more important than ultimate
behavior at the limit.  love the feel of bilsteins... too bad they
don't make any for audis.

> Go for the increase in front negative camber.  I use -1.5 on
> the 4000Q and I still get the outside of the tire to wear first.  But
> I do not have a rear sway bar.  And it all depends on your style of
> taking corners.  The V8 is probably roughly similar in weight
> distribution from front to rear.  

i think the v8 is more nose heavy than the 5 banger cars.. that's
why it's the only model with a torsen rear end.  so, 1 degree of
extra negative camber sounds reasonable?  right now my tires are
wearing very very evenly.  not just across the tread, but also
fronts and rears.  
> I would look in to having an anti-sway bar made for the rear, if it
> doesn't already have one.   Then possibly making a larger one for the
> front.  

i thought the front should have less anti-roll stiffness?
> I know there isn't much available for the V8 but thats all the more 
> reason to be very selective about how you affect the handling attitude.

yes, thanks for the advice.. like i said, i wasn't looking for
something radical, probably not even something moderate.. just
something mild.  there's no getting away from the nose heaviness and i
don't think the stock settings are bad at all.  in high speed sweepers
there are very few cars that can corner with the same amount of
confidence.  it just sucks at tight corners.

i guess i'll go ahead and have them dial in a little bit more 
negative camber and see what the results are like.. will keep
everyone posted.